Monday, December 12, 2011

Steph & Nathan

This wedding is very dear to my heart as it is that of my two beautiful friends Steph and Crofty.
Steph and I met years ago through our images on the internet. 
I fell in love with the beautiful way she saw the world around her.
Over the months I would pop in for a drink at her bar after work and she would laugh at all my lame jokes and comfort me on my blue days.
Steph is incredible like that. She is one of the kindest listeners I know.
She and I share a passion for life’s simple principles;
That creeks are there for toes to be dipped in.
That telephones are the devil.
That tree, bush and ocean is the prettiest colour, the nicest air and the best to touch.
That sometimes the blinds need to be drawn when the sun is shining
and the car windows wound down when it’s raining. 

Nathan mirrors Stephs down-to-earthness, her open, friendly charm, her imagination, taste, thoughtfull aesthetics, incredible warmth and graciousness.
He is undoubtedly her answer.

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I love you both so much


Lara said...

dang these two have style! What wonderful dress and awesome suit! As always, <3 your work Jess

Michael Alesich said...

Amazing shots of a stunning couple.

Jessica Tremp said...

that they are!!!
thanks you guys x

gun street girl said...

So beautiful.xo

gun street girl said...

so beautiful.xo

Jessica Tremp said...

thanks treasure x

nancy said...

Wow. I don't know this couple at all. It's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep and I stumbled upon this series via my flickr account and felt compelled to sign into my blog to say that... I am about to turn 45 next month and even though I had one 9-year common law marriage I ended almost 5 years ago now, the only proposal I ever had was from a homeless guy sitting outside the Eaton Centre in Toronto when I was maybe 27. I had bought him a hot dog and sat with him while eating mine and we talked for about an hour when he popped the question. So I've never had a wedding, but this is exactly the spirit of one I might have imagined had I ever been lucky enough to meet someone to love and who loved me this much. The great love between these two beautiful people is so potent and palpable in these photographs - your processing is exquisite, as well as how you've captured that love and their special day. I wish them an Irish wedding blessing: May the saddest days of your future be no worse than the happiest days of your past, Steph and Nath. Sláinte! Thank you for sending me back to my slumbering with a smile on my face and in my heart. :)

Jessica Tremp said...

Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your signing in and what a comment!!!
They truly are gorgeous in every sense of the world.
I'm betting a wonderful person is just around the corner for you

Lisa said...

Oh I have tears, heck yep many...their love is strong and beautiful. You captured the heart and beauty of the day and all its lovely nuances. Stunning xxx

Jessica Tremp said...

thanks my darling x

Paul Louis Villani said...

A beautiful couple and an amazing array of soulful imagery! :D

Jessica Tremp said...

awww, thank you Paul x

Skye Gellmann said...

Tear in the eye by about half way! I love.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous and quirky couple. perfectly captured and i'm sure they are very happy with the result (photos).